Who we areGyn Bricks & Tech

Gryn Bricks & Tech is a real estate company with a concentration on the sustainable, renewable future of real estate. Our mandate is to develop homes that reflect an integration of detailed architectural designs and concepts with green technology that function comfortably.

We hold the strong belief that the concept of living green can be successfully executed without compromising on quality and standard.

There is the need to begin working towards protecting the quality of our environment and homes by reducing the carbon footprint that is bedevilling our ecosystem and affecting the ozone layer.


Our projects

Our focus on enforcing green practices channelled through clean, renewable, and alternative energy into development and building is the start of a journey into the future of the real estate. We are here to provide desiring homeowners with a choice of securing a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Mission

To create homes that balance sustainability with luxury, achieving net-zero carbon emissions in our course of developments.

Our Vision

To be pioneers of green sustainable homes, bridging the gap between sustainability and luxury.


At Gryn Bricks & Tech, we believe that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. For this reason, we strive to deliver the best possible level of prestige and comfort without destabilizing the balance of the ecosystem.

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Our Team

Lydia Yisa-Doko
Technology Officer
Theodora Ekah
Content Curator
Omasan Nanna
Executive Assistant
Kanebi Kanebi
Graphics/IT Director