In 2017, the theme was “Why Waste Water?” which was about reducing and reusing wastewater. The leitmotif was a pun because it related with both the aspect of wasting water and issues around wastewater, namely treatment and reuse. Wastewater could be a valuable resource to assist achieve Sustainable Development Goal Number 6. One aspect of Target 6.3 is to halve the proportion of untreated wastewater and to extend the recycling and safe reuse of water across the world. After appropriate treatment, wastewater may be used for a range of purposes. Industry, for instance, can reuse water in cooling towers and agriculture can reuse water for irrigation. The goal was to enhance the amount and quality of sanitation.

On 22 March 2021, World Water Day was celebrated in a web event. The planet Water Day commemorates water and raises cognizance of the world water catastrophe, and a principal emphasis of the adherence is to support the feat of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6-Water and Sanitation for All by 2030

The leitmotif of World Water Day 2021 is ‘Valuing Water’. The worth of water is far more than its price – water has enormous and sophisticated value for our households, food, culture, health, education, economics, and the integrity of our natural environment. If we superintend any of those principles, we risk misusing this inadequate, exceptional resource. SDG 6 is to ensure water and hygiene for all. Without an inclusive considerate of water’s true, multidimensional value, we’ll be unable to safeguard this critical resource for the good thing about everyone.