It is possible to be affluent and yet eco-conscious. The luxury industry is sometimes tied in with terms like excessive consumerism, income, and guilty pleasures. Yet, as Millennials and Generation Z patrons are driving 85 percent of worldwide luxury sales growth, their expectation for luxury brands to be aligned with their values becomes progressively significant. The younger affluent generations are indeed more awake to the environmental and social impact of their purchase decisions and are more likely to buy from a brand that resounds with their values.

High-end brands that want to retain their status within the posh market must evolve to remain up with this growing trend towards ethical and sustainable luxury. A study from Nielsen showed that 73 percent of Millennial respondents were ready to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable or socially conscious brand.

This is the age of philanthropic luxury retail with increasingly strong consumer demand for upscale brands to provide a positive contribution to their ecosystem.

How can luxury brands reposition themselves to embrace this variation and build sustainable luxury into their narrative? The key’s to be authentic. Brands must genuinely implement sustainability and environmentally-friendly models into their practice from the underside up before they start to form a hype around it.


Sustainability luxury is when a luxury brands takes up measures to create the merchandise sustainably and not when an eco-friendly product tries to become a luxury product by raising prices. Luxury additionally as sustainability looks at longevity and hence it helps the luxurious brands differ from fast fashion.

Sustainable living may be a routine that attempts to cut back somebody’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural and personal resources. Experts of sustainable living often try and lessen their carbon footprint by varying methods of conveyance, energy consumption, and diet.

But if we transcend appearances and return to the very definition of luxury, we can instead say that sustainability is a part of the luxurious.