Green building is intended to boost efficiency but do you know that you just could buy the greenest house on the market, yet your personal habits could waste over 50 percent of your energy savings? In a different way to enhance efficiency that embraces a big influence we don’t pay enough attention to is “green behavior” – the way users manage the building.

The mode that ‘Green buildings’ are used after construction is incredibly important because it brings to life all the efficiencies previously planned. If users don’t understand how to use the green building, it’ll not achieve 100% of efficiency irrespective of how well it absolutely was designed. Buildings can lose around half their efficiency when people don’t use them the right way. Therefore, people must be conscious about their green behavior.

An important aspect is teaching owners or occupants the way to proceed in using their green building. If they understand how the building and its systems work, and the effects of their decisions and behaviors, they’re more likely to enjoy an efficacious building. To support people in understanding how the building works is important to provide them instructions about important management techniques like saving water and energy. Tips, alerts, and advice round the building can help to remind people about simple acts during the day that may make a giant difference, and create awareness among users. Some smart technologies can also help users’ green behavior, like sensors on lights, heaters, and on taps to avoid waste of energy and water. Additionally, better planning for a ways user’s might naturally use a building, even without training, also can make a difference.

This is a thoroughfare, where the user needs to help the building for the building help the user back. When the users understand that their actions and inactions are necessary for the building’s success and that they are conscious about their behavior, they’ll positively affect the efficiency building, contributing to realize the efficiency goals of building green and taking advantage of those efficiencies.