Project Timeline

Concreting of Damp Proof Course at Building 6
Wall Screeding at Building 1 underway
Blinding of Foundation Trenches at building 6 and 7
Removal of Roof Slab Formwork at Building 2
Plastering of Building 1 and 2
Ready-mix Concrete Casting


Ongoing work for the ready-mix concrete Casting of Roof beams, slabs and gutters for Twin Villas 1-4 and second floor slab form work goes up for Twin Villa 17-20.

Form-work for roof slabs and gutters

Work progresses on the form-work for roof slabs to safely support the reinforced concrete until it has reached adequate strength for the building. Also, new excavated trenches for upcoming Twin Villa Foundations.

2nd floor slab form construction for Twin Villas 1-4


Second floor slab form work goes up for Twin Villa (TV) 1,2,3 and 4. Basement retention and floors commencing for Twin Villas 17, and 18.

1st floors of the first two Twin Villas Constructed

Service plumbing’s and reinforcements for the first two Twin Villas are being connected while building foundations for Twin Villa 17|18 approaches completion as you can see the ongoing casting of ready-mix reinforced concrete slabs.

DPC, Foundation Block Wall & Underground Cabling

Moisture control has been applied to building walls and floors to prevent moisture from passing into the interior spaces. As further foundation block walls are prepared, underground cables are installed. 

Blockwork for foundation

Concrete block foundation has been installed for the first unit in order to support the weight of the building as trenchwork for the next unit begins simultaneously. 

Excavated Building Trenches

With completed culvert achieved, site prepared; an ecofriendly structure is set for development. Our maiden sample unit foundation is prepared.

Diversion of Stream

We rerouted an existing water body that previously cut across the site to restrict flows and combat the effects of erosion on the site.

Coffer Dam Installation

The reinforced concrete culvert is installed to allow water flow away from our site in a channeled structure.

Site Preparation

Our first task of site preparation was the clearing site, leaving it in a graded condition which involved the removal of trees, removing all old underground infrastructure, and any other obstacles that might affect the construction process.

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