Although it remains fundamentally true that the best way to achieve the luxurious green lifestyle you desire would be to purchase a green home; a house that has been designed to be environmentally sustainable while providing you peak comfort and luxury, we understand that not everyone can afford one just yet.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 7 super easy tips and lifestyle changes you can follow to make your home just a little bit greener without putting a serious dent in your bank account. Believe me, every little bit counts!


1. Turn the lights off and use natural light instead 

This is an absolute no-brainer, everyone knows to turn the lights off when it’s not in use, this saves a lot of energy consumption in your home, and it also reduces carbon dioxide emissions that are harmful to our environment. 

There are so many more benefits when it comes to this simple tip, for one: turning off the light reduces your electricity bill and it also extends the life of your light bulb, meaning you inevitably spend less if you buy bulbs once in a while.

2. Fix your leaky faucets

It might not seem like much, but those little drops of water coming out from your faucets and taps when they’re not in use could actually amount to a huge wastage of water resources.

It is said that a leaky faucet could potentially waste up to 20 gallons of water a day. Those little drops of water that you choose to  ignore could actually leave a huge impact in your home, it could even lead to the growth of molds in your home which ends up affecting the health of people in your household.

All you need to do today is fix that leaky faucet, there are DIY tips you could follow to solve the problem, or you could simply hire a plumber.

3. Reuse old towels or shirts

One other simple way to Go Green at home, or Go Greener, would be to make use of clothes instead of paper towels to clean your kitchen. You could simply turn one of your old towels or T-shirts into small cleaning cloths.

This works like a dream, it is also one of the few tips that has undoubtedly been in use in Nigerian homes for as long as we can remember, so why stop now? 

4. Remove your shoes at the door

Think of all the things you could drag into your home after a long hard day: all the chemicals and pesticides that follow you along the way shouldn’t be invited into your home.

The simple act of leaving your shoes at the door until they’ve been properly cleaned could help you avoid a host of problems, it also ensures that your home is as green as it could possibly be.

5. Reduce the use of sprays and insecticides

Making use of sprays and insecticides might seem like the only option to get rid of pesky mosquitoes and little bugs, but you could opt for preventive measures such as sealing holes in the walls, making use of safe window nets when you leave the windows open, and so on.

If you have to make use of sprays and insecticides, you could easily decide to make use of alternatives that are green and healthy, the options are endless.

6. Unplug chargers and appliances

This is one of the easiest things you could do in your home because of its innate ability to reduce electricity consumption. It is safe to say that our electric consumption could leave a mark in our homes, there’s a direct link between environmental issues and energy production/consumption. 

Who wants to live in a hazardous environment, when you can have a green environment instead? On a much bigger scale, unplugging appliances that drain significant power should be your main focus, with your chargers following closely behind.

7. Go green with gardening

One of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is by growing your own food, you could easily switch to organically grown food rather than getting everything at a store. This saves you time, money, energy and it even cuts down the waste factor.

If you think about it even further, plants are known to clean the air and the ground naturally, you could take a trip down memory lane into biology textbooks to understand the relationship between plants and the oxygen they create, or you could just take our word for it and grow a garden. 

There are so many other little ways to go green or go greener at home. Owning a green home helps take the pressure off in other big ways, but we’ve got you covered when it comes to the easy ways to make your home green.