Gryn Bricks & Tech have set a momentum for buildings in Nigeria to be designed and licensed green. While previously, green building certifications were reserved for high-end corporate buildings in the global setting. Now property developers, financial institutions, and green building professionals are coming together to form an auxiliary chapter of sustainability in a surprising space: the residential sector.

By the time Green homes sprout up across Nigeria, beneficiaries are those who own and rent them. Resource-efficient homes use less energy and water, which translates to lower utility bills. Families can spend the savings on other areas of their lives like health, education, and welfare. By limiting the energy that goes into making the development materials, these homes also reduce their negative impact on the environment, while releasing fewer carbon emissions.

Time has proven that technology could be a reason for underperformance within the property sector as developers are yet to imbibe new sustainable building technologies that may give them time, quality, and price advantage. At Gryn Bricks & Tech, we are driven by the eagerness of merging luxury and sustainability because of the lifestyle that suits homeowners and investors.

Green building certification within the residential sector is our onward. With the collective support of all people who have already thrown their hats within the ring, this trend is unstoppable. It’ll be an element of Nigeria’s future in real estate. Receiving an EDGE certification is our long-standing commitment to sustainable development.

Check out our workable, flexible payment plan. Our firm has adopted flexible payment plans to enable you to possess a home with us, which can enable subscribers to buy their apartments throughout a given time. Our goal is to improve our homes while creating substantial communities in our transition towards more environmentally efficient housing.