Designing elegant homes relies on two concepts: functionality and respect for the environment. Gryn Bricks & Tech offer quality and luxury composed with energy efficiency and automation, creating futuristic buildings like none other. The minute you step inside our custom-built homes, the standard is straight away visible, but it’s what you do not see that sets us aside from the competition. Our EDGE certified homes are built in line with the stringent energy savings guidelines resulting in significantly lower utility bills while minimizing the home’s environmental impact and carbon footprint. Gryn Bricks &Tech strive to supply luxury homes in Abuja, Nigeria with unparalleled attention to detail and quality of construction while educating homeowners on the advantages of owning a high-tech home with the latest green technology. We decide to make highly customized, luxurious, certified green homes for clients or as a project.

In order to form our homes as environmentally friendly and most beneficial to our customers, all our homes are EDGE certified. EDGE-certified buildings are designed to:

• Lower operating costs and increase asset value

• Reduce waste sent to landfills

• Conserve energy and water

• Be healthier and safer for occupants

• Reduce harmful gas emissions

A common misconception with green technology is that one must sacrifice luxury for efficiency and inversely, but we’ve found that this is often not the case. Rather, we believe that these two ideals can complement one another and that we implement this by using materials that increase a home’s comfort while decreasing its carbon footprints, like automated preinstalled electronics, and insulation that maintains a uniform temperature while minimizing heating and cooling costs. Additionally, we use materials of the very best quality in the aspects of construction, resulting in less maintenance cost, resulting in less waste in landfills.

Green Luxury Homes are extremely sensitive to the fiscal worth of your home since it’s the only most appreciated asset most families ever purchase. Accordingly, we work to confirm that homes will maintain their value if the owner chooses to relocate. This statement is supported by research that reveals that a green built home generates a premium resale value 8 to 10% higher relative to comparable homes in similar markets. Furthermore, green homes are shown to sell faster than their traditional counterparts.

We also are keenly conscious of the benefits of building within the geographically beautiful regions of Abuja, which provide positive resale value, taking special requests into consideration. We will build on a property that you just already own, or provide you with one amongst our own newly built designer homes.